Rosario Is Going Green

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Rosario Is Going Green!

Setting New Goals Rosario Exports Limited To Become Paper-free In 2022/23

Why Go Paper-free?

1) Go Green, Reduce Waste

Less printing means fewer trees cut down for pulp, and less energy used to make and transport paper. All of which helps with our environmental impact.

2) Emails Instead of Letters

Mail can contribute to a surprising amount of paper waste. Even when used from time to time, many companies still use paper mail to reach customers. We want to not only speed up workflows but also increase or efficiency by moving away from physical mail where ever possible. We do concede that in the shipping industry that it is still common place for physical Bills of Lading and Invoices to be sent but electronic bill of lading (eBL) are beginning to become a more accepted form.

3) Cost Savings

Whilst paper is currently relatively inexpensive; printer equipment and inks are becoming an increasing expense. A tangential benefit of becoming paper free will remove this cost.

4) Flexible Working

In 2020/21 we upgraded our workforce to all using laptops. This allowed us to stay nimble at a time of Government mandated lockdowns occurred across the UK. As a result of this we had to become nimbler as a company and adapt like many to using cloud storage solutions which started us on the path to cutting down on paper waste.

Working With Customers

Our clients are increasingly demanding more commitment to our Green credentials and today we hope to begin addressing them. We will work with customers to reduce the amount of physical documents that we send to them as part of this goal.

Working With Suppliers

We are asking our suppliers to please use email rather than sending physical copies of Promotional Materials, Invoices and Delivery notes Etc.

if you are an importer of Great British Products please contact us here.