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Less fat, fewer calories & more protein than standard crisps. all vegan & all extraordinarily delicious. The planet’s first pretzel thins! these are a glorious option for all ages and have already received great taste awards & ‘savoury snack of the year 2021’. The whole range is completely vegan friendly, including oh so cheesy and sour cream & onion which provide a whole new lease of flavour to vegan snacking. The perfect crisp alternative, with up to 80% less fat, 45% fewer calories & more protein than standard crisps. All their pretzel thins are coated head to toe in sensational seasoning for a full flavour experience that’s ready to blow all snack lover’s socks off.
Olly’s Pretzels

Rosario currently export Olly’s to South East Asia. Are you looking to import Olly’s to your country? Please contact us here.