Mornflake Fibreful Oatbran Porridge

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The amazing new Oatbran Porridge with double the fibre of rolled oats!

Fibreful Oatbran Porridge Original

Fibreful Oatbran Porride Original

There’s beauty in simplicity. Mornflake fibreful Oatbran Porridge has a deliciously creamy texture and rich, nutty flavour. Not only does it provide you with a total of 10.2g of dietary fibre in a 40g portion, within each serving you’re also getting 80% of the recommended beta glucan fibre for heart health.

Fibreful Oatbran Porridge Matcha

Fibreful Oatbran Porride Matcha & Mixed Seeds

Mornflake fibreful Matcha Porridge is infused with all the goodness of Matcha Green Tea for a fantastically fresh and earthy flavour. We’ve also added sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and golden linseeds for an extra textural delight. And best of all, it provides you with a total of 10.2g of dietary fibre in every 40g portion

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