Introducing For Aisha

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Introducing For Aisha

Rosario Exports are please to now offer For Aisha, nutritious halal baby food

Baby Food Pouches

For Aisha - Pouches

For Aisha baby food pouches are specially made for tiny tummies. Dietitian approved, made without dairy and Halal, these delicious meals are perfect for baby weaning. Paediatric Dietitians recommend the introduction of small amounts of meat to little ones’ diets from around the ages of 6 to 7 months. Creating a range of baby recipes containing a wide variety of ingredients, to give your child the optimum nutrition in every little mouthful.

Baby Food Pots

For Aisha - Trays

As chewing development is important during the weaning process, these Toddler Tray Meals have been created with a chunky texture- whilst still being suitable for new teeth and delicate palates. These meals are larger and more filling for your growing little one, as they embark on the journey of baby led weaning and begin to feed themselves.

The weaning journey continues! These are our chunkiest Toddler Tray Meals recommended from around 1 year of age. Perfect for weaning your growing taste adventurers onto adult meals.

Rosario currently export For Aisha to South East Asia. Are you looking to import For Aisha to your country? Please contact us here.