Introducing Coca-Cola Lemon

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Introducing Coca-Cola Lemon: Now Available for Export!

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Coca-Cola Lemon

Presenting the latest breakthrough from Coca-Cola, the reigning champion of soft drinks in the UK. Two new exhilarating lemon-infused colas, now available in regular and sugar-free options, available now for global export.

Launching in the UK this March, Coca-Cola Original Taste Lemon and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Lemon offer a refreshing twist on the beloved 'Real Coke' flavour. Crafted to seize the momentum of the flourishing flavoured cola market. These new offerings provide consumers worldwide with the freedom to indulge in the timeless Coca-Cola taste with or without sugar.

Zero Sugar Coca Cola Lemon

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Lemon

With eye-catching packaging featuring vibrant lemon graphics set against the iconic Coca-Cola red backdrop, these products are designed to stand out on shelves.

Available in convenient 330ml cans and 500ml PET bottles for on-the-go enjoyment, as well as larger 2L (Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Lemon) and 1.75L (Coca-Cola Original Taste Lemon) PET bottles and multipack cans for home sharing occasions, Coca Cola's latest creations cater to diverse consumer preferences and occasions.

But that's not all – The launch of Coca-Cola Original Taste Lemon and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Lemon is not limited to domestic markets. Now available for export, these products are poised to tantalise taste buds and elevate refreshment worldwide. Get ready to spread the joy of Coca-Cola's lemon-infused delights to every corner of the globe.

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