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New Horlicks Nourishing Shakes!

Making Nourishment Easy With Horlicks New Nourishing Shake Mixes

Horlicks Healthy Body Pouch

Horlicks Healthy Body

Ease those aches and pains. Glucosamine and MSM, keep you on the move and ready for the day!

Horlicks Healthy Gut Pouch

Horlicks Healthy Gut

Feeling a little sluggish? The added prebiotics and glutamine help you to get the most from your diet.

Horlicks Healthy Mind Pouch

Horlicks Healthy Mind

Think and feel your best. Matcha green tea and bacopa monnieri support your focus and memory.

Horlicks Healthy Sleep Pouch

Horlicks Healthy Sleep

Feel a little less jaded. Contains chamomile and valerian helping you to feel more rested and restored.

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