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Hampstead Tea was created to bring you organic teas that are ethical and delicious. When it’s founder Kiran moved to the UK from India she desperately searched for great tasting tea that had no pesticides or plastics and just couldn’t find any. Skip forward to today and Hampstead Organic incredibly proud to be continuously assessed as: ‘The Most Ethical Tea Brand’ by the Ethical Consumer. Hampstead Tea believe the tea they produce should be regenerative to the earth and the first step to achieving that is to ensure every single one of their teas and ingredients is certified organic. Organic farming is a sustainable method of growing crops that helps to preserve biodiversity and protects soil quality by avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, so neither you nor the soil have to ingest any harmful chemicals.
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Rosario currently export Hampstead Tea to South East Asia. Are you looking to import Hampstead Tea to your country? Please contact us here.