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Increasing our Family Friendly & Nostalgia Brand Offering

Brands Based on Existing IP and Strategic Licensing Partnerships

Family Friendly Products

Why Focus on Family Friendly & Nostalgia brands?

Children are at the heart of many family activities, and their preferences often shape household purchasing decisions. Understanding this, we have decided to expand our product range to include a variety of items that cater specifically to young consumers. Our goal is to provide products that are not only enjoyable but also trusted by parents and loved by kids.

Nostalgia Brands: Bridging Generations
In addition to our focus on child-friendly products, we recognize the timeless appeal of nostalgia brands. These beloved characters and franchises not only captivate young minds but also evoke fond memories for parents and caregivers. By incorporating these nostalgic elements into our product lines, we aim to bridge generations, creating shared moments of joy and connection. Whether it’s a classic cartoon character or a beloved superhero from parents' childhoods, these nostalgia brands add a layer of familiarity and trust, making our new range of snacks a hit with the entire family. At Rosario Exports Ltd, we believe in the magic of bringing past and present together through our innovative, high-quality products.

Licensing Partnerships
To bring our vision to life, we are partnering with manufacturers that have a proven track record in the world of licensed IP. By collaborating with well-known and beloved brands, we aim to introduce products that resonate with children and evoke a sense of joy and nostalgia. Licensing popular characters and franchises allows us to combine their iconic appeal with our commitment to quality, creating products that stand out in the market.

The Power of Licensing
This new venture marks an exciting chapter for Rosario Exports Ltd, as we continue to innovate and expand our offerings. We are confident that our focus on child-friendly products, supported by strong licensing partnerships, will delight our young consumers and build lasting connections with families around the world.

Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out our new product lines and announce upcoming partnerships. Thank you for being a valued part of the Rosario Exports Ltd family. Together, let's make every snack time a joyful adventure!

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