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New Product Launch from Ecozone

1 mop bucket – 1 mop – 2 microfibre pads

Ecozone Mop bucket, Mop and micro-fibre pads

Self-Cleaning Floor Mop & Bucket

Ecozone’s Self Cleaning Floor Mop comes with a dual compartment bucket to offer a quick & easy convenient clean every time. The Bucket is divided into 3 compartments all you need to do is simply; top the bucket up with clean water, run the mop head through the wet section to dampen the Microfibre Pad and then squeeze out excess water through the dry section to begin cleaning and avoid a soaking floor. The mop head its self comes with two washable Microfibre Pads that get into corners with precision & ease to lift & trap dirt for an effective clean. Floors will be left sparkling!

Rosario currently export Ecozone Products to South East Asia. Are you looking to import Ecozone Products to your country? Please contact us here.