Rosario's plan to minimise the impact on customer facing operations, securing supply chains and minimising risk in order to keep our workforce safe

Covid-19 Government Advice Picture

Monitoring Government Advice

Our team of Directors are working together reviewing all British Government, NHS, and WHO advice to best determine the correct path forward. Putting us in the best position to advise customers and employees on developments.

Generic Pallet Warehouse Image

Working Closely With Suppliers And Warehouses

We have in recent days been in contact with all our key suppliers and warehouses points to ensure we can face whatever stock demands needed. Our just in time supply chain model has come under some strain over the last 2-3 weeks however it is proving resilient enough for us to have confidence in supplying customer orders.

We will of course be monitoring this closely moving forward, advising as we go.

Working From Home Generic Picture

Working From Home And Splitting Up Shifts

We are working dynamically with employees to separate out office staff shifts applying social spacing to staff that are in the head office.

Some staff are being asked to work from home during this time however we are in constant contact with them via several platforms to ensure continuity. From a customer standpoint you should face little to no difference in responsiveness.

Rosario Exports Ltd is very much open for business, if you are an importer of Great British Products please contact us here.