Cafepod Great Taste Awards 2020


Great Tasting Coffee!

Congratulations to Cafepod for winning 4 Great Taste Awards in 2020

Cafepod Great Taste Awards
Supercharge Espresso Great Taste Award

Supercharge Espresso

We power our Supercharger Espresso with a full roast and dense Robusta beans, so you can unleash the potential of your day.

A full roast and use of intense, dense Robustas bring high caffeine content to the the blend. These are blended with Arabicas from the forested mountains of Southern India and Latin America to bring a high caffeine coffee with flavours of warming spice, roasted chestnuts and sweet cedar.

Pungent and bold Robustas combine with smooth, balanced washed Arabicas from Latin America and Southern India.

TYPE | Espresso
BEAN | Robusta & Arabica
ROAST | Dark & bold
SOURCE | South East Asia, India & Central America
TASTE | Spiced & roasted chestnuts
ENJOY | When life demands it!

Intense Roast Great Taste Award

Intense Roast

Coffees from Southern India have a unique, moreish malt like quality. We've blended these with sweet, nut forward Latin American coffees and South East Asian Robustas known for their warming spice like qualities. The result is a coffee with a perfect
balance of sweetness and kick!

Supremely balanced Indian Arabicas form a base on which bold South East Asian robustas sit harmoniously with coffees from Latin America.

TYPE | Lungo
BEAN | Arabica & Robusta
ROAST | Full & intense
SOURCE | South & Central America, South East Asia & India
TASTE | Warm spiced malt loaf
ENJOY | When you want to get the most out of your day

Brunch Blend

This smooth & balanced blend is the perfect brunch companion.

The high altitude coffees of East Africa are known for their complexity and zestiness. When combined with rich smooth Latin coffees and dried fruit like coffees of Brazil it creates a supremely balanced and moreish blend.

100 % Arabica. High grown East African coffees blended with and sweet natural processed Brazils.

TYPE | Lungo
BEAN | 100% Arabica
ROAST | Exquisitely caramelised
SOURCE | South & Central America, East Africa
TASTE | Decadent chocolate caramel brownies
ENJOY | With sourdough and friends

Ristretto Great Taste Award


Refined and powerful, our Ristretto is full of bold, Italian intensity and character.

With powerful rich flavours of cocoa nib, pepper and smoke our Ristretto is full of boldness and personality. A creamy, dense mouthfeel brings these flavours together and undertones of dried fruit run through to the finish.

High gown washed Latin American Arabicas combine blended with natural process coffees from the rolling hills of Southern Brazil and high quality Robustas from South East Asia

TYPE | Ristretto
BEAN | Arabica & Robusta
ROAST | Classic Espresso style
SOURCE | South & Central America, South East Asia
TASTE | Bittersweet treacle tart
ENJOY | When you're feeling fearless

Rosario currently export Cafepod to South East Asia. Are you looking to import Cafepod to your country? Please contact us here.