Beanies rebrand

Beanies Flavour Coffee

Beanies Rebrand 2021

Beanies old Logo example image

Why rebrand?

The current labels don’t give the true essence of the brand

Several years of design developments on top of each other make the range look disjointed when displayed together

Time for a new look for a social media-savvy audience

We want jars that jump off the shelf and convey the Beanies personality - flavour by flavour

Beanies New Logo

New Design

Beanies is the ultimate explosion of flavours. From the moment the jar is popped open and releases the aroma, to the very last sip, they make sure that the experience is full-on and ultimately satisfying. Having flavours for every occasionand mood to fit into a daily routine.

Whether enjoyed with milk or just as it is, Beanies is guaranteed to be packed full of deliciousness. And with low calories and no sugar, there's no reason not to indulge.

Introducing the Beanies rebrand

Rebranded Coffee Jars Image 1

Rosario currently export Beanies Flavour Coffee to South East Asia. Are you looking to import Beanies Flavour Coffee to your country? Please contact us here.