Beanies New Flavours 2021

Beanies Flavour Coffee

Beanies New Flavours Announcement!

Exciting new AYR and Seasonal flavours for 2021

New beanies flavours in 2021

New Flavours for 2021!

Beanies Season Easter Range

Easter Seasonal Range

Beanies Season Halloween Range

Halloween Seasonal Range

Beanies Season Christmas Range

Christmas Seasonal Range

New FSDU design template

New FSDU Design

The new pack designs will be enhanced by a new FSDU design as well to showcase the brand upgrade.

1 shelf of Variety Packs (42 units)

4 shelves of jars (162 units – 7 different flavours)

Total unit count: 204 units per FSDU

Rosario currently export Beanies Flavour Coffee to South East Asia. Are you looking to import Beanies Flavour Coffee products to your country? Please contact us here.